Off the Wall

Saving Facebook: My Confessions:

On Life:

It's gonna be [a long weekend] alright: HOUSEWORK!


I'm scared of the vacuum cleaner and have to hide under the bed.

On Work:

Hire me, too. I'm Frank's li'l sidekick. I answer to "Chester" or "Lark," wear comical cummerbunds as Jayne Meadows Sleepytime Blindfolds, and I bake the grandest warm, toasty cookies in a jiff.

On TV:

So what if Jack Benny's been dead 35 years? I want new episodes!

On TV in 1962:

Twin beds were a standard and practice on television. All married TV couples had twin beds. It was a rule.

Kooky, kinky "Green Acres," a couple of years later, gave American viewers the double bed. Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) wasn't as dumb as she seemed.

Of course, it was Hootersville.

On Childhood Memories:

I'd use Play-Doh to "lift" comics off newspapers. I also ate it. It was tasty and salty, as I recall. Blue rocked.
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