Actual Letters to Mike Durrett
A Bob Walker of a Hutchinson, Kansas writes:

"I put nose drops in my ear. Now I can hear my cologne."

That happened to me, except I put ear drops in my nostril. I smelled mites and a pair of old muffs.

The sounds of silence gave whiffs oscillating from narrow streets of cobblestone to the cold and damp.

An Astroray of an Atlanta, Georgia writes:

"I've got one word for all of you, shoplift.

"Thank you and goodnight!"

Thank you for the advice. There is something to be said for-- HEY, WHERE'S MY WALLET?

Darn e-thefts. Enjoy the photo of Bob Cummings.

A Frank of a Burbank writes on the passing of author Studs Terkel:

"I'm sad that I've now missed my chance to talk with him about 'Studs' Place,' his TV show from the early 50s. As far as I know, besides 'Kukla, Fran and Ollie,' it was the only completely improvised show on TV."

I never saw "Studs' Place." Our crummy TV only got "Gelding's Place." It was pretty scary. I remember the talking horse, Mr. Edna. Mom said he was nuts.

Photo credit: LetterJames.com
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