A Boy and His Man

Several people have mentioned the post "100 Things About Me #141," where I remarked:

"While rummaging through my third birthday photographs, I recalled a recent snapshot with unintentional similarities, proving some things never change..."

I've been asked to point out the similarities of then and now which might not be readily apparent to an untrained eye. I'm happy to do so, but environmental laws prohibit me from going too far.

1. Predilection for clothing with sketches on it.

2. White two-toned footwear.

3. Sweaters over t-shirts over chest and arms.

4. Left sleeves, exactly the same hang.

5. Outdoorsman. Outdoorstot.

6. Not doing yard work.

7. Rather be watching cartoons.

8. Raw, sinewy smirk.

9. Avoiding afternoon nap. You can't make me.

10. Unshaven.

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