What's on My Desk?

Many Internet writers have been revealing their answers to the question, "What's on My Desk?"

Okay. Here's what's on top of mine, a few of the actual items.

1. One banana peel. I suspect there may have been a banana inside it at some point. Carbon dating requested.

2. One empty cellophane bag of dollar store animal cookies. I shy away from weird food at the dollar store, but it's the only place I can find cookie animals with a savory hint of mange.

And the two-knecked giraffes are tops.

3. A used paper napkin of Halloween vintage with cute drawings of a witch, Count Dracula, and Frankenstein's Monster on it. What to do? Throw away or not?

I am halfway to next Halloween season. By then, the food residue should crusty-mold and fun-fungi into Cloris Leachman.

Keep it.

4. Weekly Planner 2008. There are no plans listed for April 21-28.

Why do I buy these things? As usual, I guess I will have to make the plans....

5. Observations of Hillary and Bill Clinton vs. Polly Bergen, the first female President of the United States, and Fred MacMurray, the first male First Lady. ("Kisses for My President," 1965)

1. Bill Clinton better actor than Fred MacMurray.

2. MacMurray has Flubber-powered car.

3. Hillary has Bubba-powered cad.
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