Phonto: Springtime

Another picture via my new cell phone camera.

Spring is in residence at the house. What you don't see are dogwood blossoms. At the same time in previous Aprils, this view would be overpowered with white flowers. So many that the substantial creek below was obscured from sight.

Squirrels have designated our yard The Food Court. They've systematically gorged themselves on every bud from every dogwood tree, feasting on every branch and every twig.

I went a week without an alarm clock. I'd awaken to the sounds of arboreal rodent burps, starting my days all blight-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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Anonymous said...

All sounds wonderful. If you have not seen the exceptionally beautiful pictures of rainbows taken in northern Missouri that are circulating, please go to my web site and check them out. They are incredible.



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