There's a Kind of Flush All Over the World Tonight

Our pals, Bill and Kathy, have concluded their epic vacation adventure in Spain, which I wrote about in "Smile and Say 'Queso'" and "Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk." They hiked 100 miles through the beautiful countryside from Piedrafita to O'Cebreiro to Santiago de Compostela through the Camino de Santiago in a bit more than a week.

The minute they returned home, Bill remembered me with a special gift. He wrote:

From our pilgrimage...

Actual men's room toilet, in a pub in Spain.

NOTE - this was the only Turkish toilet we saw in Spain. The only other one I've ever seen was in the south of France on our honeymoon. There it was in a public restroom along with some regular toilets.

Ladies room has regular toilet, or at least Kathy said so.


My grand friends went to Spain and all I got was this lousy tee-tee shot.

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