Gopher Break

Photo: Mike boogies with The Gopher from ''Caddyshack''

It was a lovely Christmas at our house. How could it not be when spent with our houseguest, my acting teacher and mentor, The Gopher from "Caddyshack."

With his kind help, I updated my dance moves. He can really tear up a rug. Later, we went outside and tore up the lawn.

Photo: Morty the Cat sulks at the sight of the housegopher.

Feline Security Morty, as you can see, sulks whenever we have company. He does not care for strangers burrowing through his litter box.

We need to do a Time Out with him about sharing.

Morty turned three this month and has become the alpha cat, replacing Kelp, who is sprawled in mandatory retirement at age 16.

Photo: Morty noses in on crime?

In this photo, Morty checks Mr. Gopher for concealed weapons.

Photo of Morty and Mr. Gopher: Pals and fashion conscious, too.

And here, the boys have become best of friends, relaxing, and watching Animal Planet. Morty TiVoed "Queer Eye for the Straight Stray."

::::: See Mr. Gopher: The Gopher Dance
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