100 Things About Me #121

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Fernbank Elementary School, Atlanta, GA
Starting Line
My very first day of first grade coincided with the very first day of Fernbank School, opening for beeswax, September, 1958.

The alma mater is currently in its 50th year of primary education and ridiculed lunch.

Many things came to mind recently, as I strolled the campus. Two disturbed me.

1. So, that's what 50 years feels like.

It's a trifle.

And could use more sugar.

2. Uh, if Mike had 48 years of nickel-a-day overdue library fines and Johnny had no apples and Farmer Smith milked nine cows with 3½ brown Guernsey splotches each, how much would Mike owe with interest and legal representation and graft?

I hoped nobody searched my car. "The Cat in the Hat" is the junk in the trunk, the poop in the coupe.

I really meant to return the book and I will, as soon as I get through the exciting climax.

Fifty years is a whole lot shorter than a child imagines at the tender, still-in-the-original-packaging age of eight.

I recall my teacher telling the class that we "would live to see the year 2000, a new century, and thongs on fat guys. Maybe Diet Squirt."

The air was filled with an impromptu blast of "Wow!" and several "Can we pre-order pies?" because I liked to mix it up.

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