The Miracle of the Benny

"The Miracle of the Socks" and "The Miracle of the Birdie" were certainly unusual incidents, and this next coincidence is equally, if not more, improbable. It involves a little-known, seldom-shown half-century-old episode of "The Jack Benny Program," one of the longest-running radio and television comedy series.

To introduce the classic clip featuring "The Landrews Sisters," a spoof of the popular Andrews Sisters singing trio, here's a background note found at YouTube, written by fromthesidelines.

This was from Jack's "New Talent" show of December 31, 1956. The routine goes all the way back to Benny's stage appearances in the '30s, and he frequently revived this "bit" on radio and TV in later years {the last time he did, they were called "The Smothers Sisters"!}. Iris Adrian played the "cynical" one ... Muriel Landers [is the soloist].

I stumbled upon the obscure video Sunday evening. I forwarded it to a fellow Jack Benny aficionado, Frank Thompson.

Here comes the supernatural part.

Shortly, Frank emailed back from the other side of the continent.

How weird is this? Every Sunday night one of the PBS stations here shows a local, rather cheaply made show called "I Remember Television." They'll show either a one hour drama or variety show or two half hour shows from the 50s.

I watched the Landrews Sisters clip you sent me, walked straight to the TV and that very episode of Jack Benny came on. By the way, it's a riot throughout, with a great appearance from Jayne Mansfield (I just noticed she was busty) and a terrific bit with Mel Blanc. The Landrews Sisters bit is probably twice as long as what's on YouTube ("Are you really sisters?" "I am -- I don't know about them.")

Anyway, odd, huh?

I'll say! It was a solid odd weekend. The day before, the famous Don Ho died in the midst of the infamous Don "Ho" Imus career demise.
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