I Want My Mommy

Hey, kids, I'm wrapping up the ol' year being sick. Golly, it's swell!

Well, most everything is swelling. Complete strangers cup things and ask me to cough, but that's nothing new.

Kerry from Spokane, WA, guesses I weigh 188 pounds.

Thanks for noticing. Next time, Kerry, warm mittens.

I'll be back blogging with more confessions, just as soon as my fingertips quit squirting blood and my eyeballs stop that painful shards of glass scraping the orbs for more French onion dip with chives feeling.

Another day or two, plus a day for swallowing, and I should be back. I haven't swallowed since Tuesday, need to catch up. Man, that's brutal pain, that harsh swallow and deep ear hurt. I cry like a little girl, but that's nothing new, thanks to that darn Holly Hobbie.

That's a story for another lozenge.

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