100 Things About Me #89

You Would Even Say It Glows
As a member of the sixth grade chorus, I was strongly pressured to appear in the Christmas concert before the school's students and parents. I knew in my heart the show could be a career-making moment for me. I was committed to giving my all to my art -- until the costume was mentioned.

The director insisted I be dressed as a singing elf in the zany "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" production number. I was embarrassed then and I'm embarrassed now.

I'm telling you this because bootleg photos have been uploaded to the Internet. Who would've thought yuletide images of a young lad would be of interest to anyone, yet there they were at hunkypixies.org.

Gee. There's nothing quite like that special holiday humiliation feeling!

Epilogue: My toes were straightened in 1978.

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More About the Elf Photos

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