Top 10 Worst Scary Movies Ever!

10. "A Very Wolfman Full Moon Brazilian Wax"

9. "Nancy Pelosi on Elm Street"

8. "The Thing vs. The Doohickey"

7. "Chaz Bono's Wonderful World of Play-Doh Molds"

6. "Homicide With Raisins"

5. "Frankenstein: A Boy and His Trousers" (Animated)

4. "Nanny McPhee Chokes on Her Own Coagulated Bile" (Oops, this should be on the "Inspirational Larks" list.)

4. "Fraidy Gaga"

3. "It's the Great Pumpkins, Chesty Morgan"

2. "Pootloose"

And the #1 Worst Scary Movie Ever!: "Abbott and Costello Meet Your Toenails in a Dixie Cup"

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