Hubie and Bertie's Mouse Chronicles

Forget "Gone With the Wind." Forget "Star Wars." Forget "The Lord of the Rings." The greatest of all movie sagas follows the adventures of Hubie and Bertie, cartoon mice.

The boys' seven classic 1943-51 animated episodes, based on the sacred books of "The Mew Testament," my cat Morty tells me, are coming to Blu-ray home video later this summer.

I've pre-ordered "Looney Tunes: Mouse Chronicles" because Hubie and Bertie are terrific and overdue for a renaissance. I want to do my part to help and subliminally cue the wife to serve cheese.

Here's a shining example of director Chuck Jones' rambunctious rodents hard at work in "Mouse Wreckers" (1948).

"Mouse Wreckers" via YouTube

Hubie and Bertie's Warner Bros. colleague and fellow mouse, Sniffles, is also seen in this two-disc set. All nine of his cartoons offer something to sniff at.

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