I'm a Good Boy! Such a Good Boy!

I'm forever indebted to kindly acquaintance Todd, the man who made my head stop gushing blood after the blunt trauma I revealed in "Guest of Horror." He was pleased I responded well to his treatment. It turned out Todd had put in a long service as an assistant in an animal clinic.

After the excitement settled, David, another guest at the party, reassured me on Todd's qualifications. Here's our actual conversation, as best as I can recollect from between the throbs.

"Veterinarians are great," David said. "I went to one to sew me up."

"Really?" I asked, wondering if my brain had been conked out of kilter by the jolt. I didn't realize humans were mended in this manner.

"Yeah, it's the same work," he said, "and they don't charge as much!"

"Did you get a yummy?"

"No. They gave me a little catnip toy to play with."

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