"King Kong" Kute

My first reaction to the trailer for Peter Jackson's "King Kong" was the movie is a loving remake of the original film. The imagery evokes my specific memories of the 1933 version and the novel. Of course, I would've cast Shirley MacLaine as Kong, but that's just me.

I shared this assessment with my friend and noted film historian Frank Thompson, who replied with deep cinematic insight.

I must say it looks pretty darn cool. And it's splitting hairs, but better than Shirley Maclaine, I think Jessica Lange as Kong would have had more symmetry. And I keep hoping that Chuck Heston will be lured out of dementia to call Kong a damn dirty ape.

To which I replied:

Might I quote you on my crappy blog? It would brighten the lonely days of maybe seven shut-ins, three with drool cups. It would be the humanitarian thing for you to do.

And there's the fact I, otherwise, have nothing to publish.

To which he replied:


I hereby grant you permission to quote me every time you ever want to for the rest of either of our lives. And if your readers are that desperate for entertainment that they would want to hear from me, let me urge them to seek some ultimate meaning in life, such as I recently found in Paris Hilton's burger commercial.


They're ahead of you. Did I mention drool cups?

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