More Fab Grabs

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First, a backstage view at The Fabulous Fox, looking through the screen and into the auditorium during a motion picture. At the edge of the projector light, a seam is visible where two sections of the sheet are joined together. Movie screens are dotted with thousands of tiny holes, otherwise it would be impossible to see through the partition.

Officially, the holes are to prevent glare from bouncing back into the eyes of the audience. Four out of five peeping Toms disagree!

The camera doesn't lie. I was meant to be a projectionist. I'm out of focus.

From the projection area, here's a snapshot of the balcony and stage with the rarely seen jewel drop curtain, which we've been flying in at the end of recent film presentations. Like me, it's a sparkly relic of a bygone era and slightly less yellowed.
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